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Aminah  Herrman

About Aminah Herrman


Aminah descends from a long line of artists — she remembers her grandmother working in

etchings, and her mother working in oils and water colors. As a young woman, she became

fascinated by the unbounded creativity that children possess, and became involved in forming

a private school based on using the arts as a learning tool. She also continued to study

drawing, color theory, intuitive painting and other interests such as surface design, faux

finishes, and ceramics, finding strong influences in the works of Picasso, Chagall, and Van


In her thirties, she started a business with her late husband designing and creating folk art and

painted furniture inspired by the rich, vibrant colors of South Texas, displaying their products in

a busy Dallas Market showroom. That work led to a national contract designing a line of large

decorative scenes for KFC,Taco Bell and Pizza Hut franchise owners, a whirlwind experience of

ten-hour days of non-stop production that lasted seven years.

Aminah was then offered a position as curator for an art gallery that put an emphasis on

spirituality, offering a creative environment where artists could meet and share their

inspirations, and Aminah’s interest returned to her own creative work inspired by her inner

experiences. Additionally, she offered workshops to artists and personal study based on the

Artist Way and a group study on visual journaling. She connected with a community of artists in

San Antonio and participated in juried art fairs throughout Texas.

As the gallery’s curator, she often held shows featuring guest artists from around the country.

The most memorable, however, was a show for Lydia Corbett, who was at one time was known

more famously as Sylvette David, who was both a model and informal student of Pablo

Picasso during the early 1950’s. She and Aminah formed a deep and enduring friendship and

spent several months in both England and France painting and drawing together, learning from

each other, and discussing art and the life of the artist.

Now based in California, Aminah finds the landscapes flooded with rich color and light. The

verdant wine country, the rolling hills, forests, mountains, deserts, oceans and the rich

agricultural regions are constant sources of inspiration and visual delight.


Aminah had taken extensive workshops and classes in drawing, color theory, painting as well

intuitive painting with Michele Cassou and recently a plein air retreat with Jim McVicker.

She shares a studio in Arcata with Jane Ziegler and both are members of the Sunday Paint Out

Group as well a participants of the Humboldt Open Studio Tour.


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