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Cindy Siemens

My years as a psychotherapist have taught me to look and  listen carefully. I understand expression, motivation and how  we make meaning of our world. I know the importance of  gratitude, relationship, and adventure. The characters in my  work understand this.  
By providing therapy I help others see themselves and  situations in a new way. In creating art, I get to see my world  in new ways. This allows me to place subjects in a variety of  situations and share that experience alternately through their  eyes and mine. Interestingly, the critters in my work help me  to paint them, essentially a collaborative relationship. I figured  being a self taught beginner, I could put aside my inner critic  to make room for the many decisions involved in creating a  piece. For me, art is about perspective.  


— Cindy

Cindy Siemens - portrait_giga.jpg
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