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Portraits, Sculptures, Abstracts & Meditation Mirrors

Though my profession was in the field of education, I have always made time in my life for art and dance. I "escaped" from Southern California about 20 years ago, and moved to Northern California… My paradise.


I never know when I will be inspired to create something. It might be something or someone I see, an idea, a photo or an intuitive nudge. Most of my work is mixed media and often has a spiritual influence. I am happiest when I am creating ... I am miserable if I'm not working on a piece.

My abstracts often take on a life of their own, leading me down an unexpected path. As I am creating, my hope is that the work will resonate with a viewer's imagination or life experience and bring them joy.

Cynthia Julian

Cynthia Julian with "Ladybug"




Meditation Mirrors

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