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Donna and Bob Sellers
Mixed Medium Collages

Bob and Donna Sellers – Bio

The Sellers combine their background in psychology with their skills in photography and digital painting. They often begin with an idea or theme, set up photo shoots, digitally paint montages that elicit imaginative stories and paint the final outcome with acrylic paint. They are best known locally for their art that includes people and backgrounds from the beautiful community in which they live. 

The Sellers enjoy working and collaborating with each other on each painting, working through varied perceptions and imaginations. One of them becomes the “director” and has the final say on any conflicts that may arise.


Donna recently published The Choice of Next, a self-discovery book and memoir that follows the Journey of the Feminine as she encounters crossroads and moments of change. Full of Art

and art-inspired stories and poems, Donna also includes ways to reflect and write about your life.

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