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All my life I have had a drive to make things and to draw, sew, carve and take pictures. I did not start painting oils until my daughter’s first few years in elementary school and then had to give it up for another 20 years to focus on the practicalities of family and business. I also taught K-12 Art and AP Art History.

My husband and I moved back to Humboldt County after being away for many years, and I joined Sunday Paintout, a group of artists who meet every Sunday to Paint out on the landscape. This was when I began to paint plein air. As I joined them when I could, I became inspired by the process of trying to get the varied landscape down on my canvas. In the last few years, I have been painting every day that I can, sometimes outside and sometimes in the studio.

I love painting things that I haven’t done before and the search for how to bring it into presence on my canvas. The last couple of years, I’ve been working on horses and ranch, floral still life, urban, and interior subjects a lot lately. I love plein air landscape painting, and the experience of nature that process enables, but it is so rewarding to try other subjects There is endless inspiration out there!



Instagram:  @jliupaints

Profile Pic, Painting at Stone Lagoon, 12-2018 crp for small bio.jpg
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