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Judi Tarpey


Three life experiences have inspired my development as a ceramic artist.

The first happened when I was a young girl in Brooklyn, New York. Because of undiagnosed vision problems, I learned to identify people and objects by their colors. Even after my vision was corrected, this powerful sense of color has emerged in the glazing
process of my art.

The second influence was the four-year period (1972-1976) I lived in Paris. I had earned a B.A. in Education from Queens College in 1968 and subsequently taught elementary school in the South Bronx for four years. But after I moved to the City of Lights, my artistic enthusiasm deepened. In Paris, I exposed myself to the world of art and artists, while also learning culinary skills I still use today. I appreciate the similarity between preparing a meal and working with clay. Both require hands-on process and concentration
that’s almost meditative.

The third event was the first ceramics class I took in 1994. The class helped me grasp why working with clay is my preferred medium.


Since I retired from full time work in 2010, I’ve been fortunate to have more time to devote to my artistic passion.

My art involves hand-building bowls, platters, plates and tiles which combines my love of bright and compatible colors with my perceptions of floral designs, lace patterns and unique compositions such as Native American symbols, landscapes and abstract forms.

All of my functional ceramics are microwave safe.

You can reach me at or via text message at (707) 223-0835.

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