In 2013 I took a basic wheel throwing class at the Fire Arts Center in Arcata. Two sessions later I took a tile making class and learned traditional decorating technique of cuerda seca. Designs are done with wax mixed with a colored stain. This is applied by brush to bisque fired pottery and glazes are then applied to the areas within the lines. I started experimenting with designs on vertical pieces, the results showed promise and I knew I was headed in the right direction.

People seeing my early attempts commented that it reminded them of Arts and Craft period pieces. This led to an exploration of Arts and Crafts era pottery and the discovery that artists were doing work similar to what I was trying to produce over 100 years ago. I find inspiration in the works of Rookwood, Newcomb and especially the Saturday Evening Girls Pottery. Every piece is an experiment in design and glaze combinations. The pottery I throw and the tiles I roll and cut serve as my pallets.

My ceramics are functional, utilitarian art. They are meant to be used and appreciated as pieces of art.

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