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Maureen Bell

I was born in New Jersey and enjoyed some of my childhood in rural Pennsylvania. My interest in art began early as I was inspired by my mother, a professional watercolor artist. One fond memory is sitting in her studio helping to give titles to her paintings.  My mother continued to encourage creativity and helped me get my first sale at an art show selling tiny pen and ink greeting cards using a thumbprint.

I trained and worked as an elementary school teacher always incorporating art projects into the curriculum for my young learners.  To renew my elementary teaching credential, I chose to take a ceramics class in 1996  and discovered my love of clay.  After years of drawing, painting, sewing, crafts, my mom approved and commented "You finally found your medium.”

Ceramics and sculpture became my passion.  I have been creating wheel-thrown bowls, mermaids, and whimsical animals to make people smile ever since.

In my spare time I am an Oncology Certified Registered Nurse/nurse educator. When not in my art studio I can probably be found riding a bicycle, hiking, swimming or playing with my grand babies.


— Maureen

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