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Peter Zappel
Painting and Mixed Media

Once long ago I visited a new found friend at his art studio in a huge downtown Victorian near our college campus.  I didn't even know this scruffy, long-haired fellow philosophy student was an artist....he never mentioned it. I just thought he was a talkative, friendly guy who sold pot, an entrepreneur, sort of an "entertainer", which he certainly was! As we sat on the floor smoking his special Thai weed surrounded by his amazing paintings in his beautiful Victorian studio, I was mesmerized and inspired to become an artist, or at least do something creative with my life.


As fate would have it, my dad and I decided to form our own engineering research and development consulting company with a small group of engineers and designers in the Silicon Valley. Our company invented and fully developed a range of proprietary consumer and industrial products and automation systems for Fortune 500 clients for 25 years. During this time I was always involved in some sort of art, including music. About 20 years ago I had the good fortune of finding an agent through the Silvia White gallery in Santa Monica CA who found and arranged numerous art exhibitions for me at galleries and museums nationwide and in Europe, including a Guggenheim sponsored show in NYC. Since moving to Humboldt County in 2019, I've been focusing mainly on painting and mixed media sculpture which I show at the Old Town Art Gallery in downtown Eureka.


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