Sandy Factor is an artist, therapist, teacher and healer living in Westhaven. Being an art teacher for deaf children in a state residential school for twenty years gave her an insight into the importance of creativity for healing. Promoting this philosophy in her life led to the pursuit of an MFT license in order to help others on many different levels including art therapy.

Stained glass mosaics depict a variety of themes and designs. Stained glass night lights are a new addition to her many two- and three-dimensional art works. Beauty and functionality elicit the phrase, “Stained glass makes your eyes happy." Drift wood sculptures encompassing mixed mediums are throughout the gallery.

Sandy's jewelry is "one of a kind" concept pieces utilizing indigenous agates from local beaches and indigenous stones from all over the world. Her Australian opal and Trinidad agates are an awesome blend from two different parts of the world. 

Sandy illustrated the covers for Search for Truth series, print and e-book versions, available at lulu. com, and

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