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Nature Photographs

Arcata photographer Winnie Trump grew up in Humboldt County on the family ranch in the rural town of Shively. Her parents, Charley and Dorothy Young, were honored members of the California Native Plant Society, and after their retirement, founded wildflower preserves in Trinidad, Gualala, and Ashland, OR.  They instilled in her a passion for sharing the beauty of wildflowers and nature itself.

In 1995, after retiring from a long teaching career, Winnie pursued photography as a hobby and fell in love it with.  Since then, her passion has become a serious personal pursuit to capture and share beautiful, unique objects and special places.  She takes her camera everywhere she goes and captures a diversity of subjects from animals, flowers, and still life to landscapes, machinery, and architecture.

Wild Grapes
Two Special Irises
Transluscent Rose
The Little Belgian
Sunset Celebration
Prairie Creek - Bull Elk in Velvet
Hopi Tray with Grapes
Locomotive Gear
Lots o' Apples
Mad River Monolith
One for the Osprey
Oregon Coast
Pelican Party
Pewetole Island - Trinidad, CA
Foxy Foxglove
Calla Lillies
Burnin' Daylight
Bowl of Pears
Arcata Marsh

First morning light usually finds her in the backyard garden practicing her craft while crouched in some strange position to get the perfect shot from the best perspective.  By using the technique of selective focus, she is able to manipulate the background to maximize the beauty of the subject within the composition.  Her wildlife photos are usually a combination of patience and luck.  Many early morning hours on her husband’s small fishing boat have revealed the rare diving osprey or the timid deer. 

Her other favorite subjects of artifacts and architecture rely more on the character of the subject – the more rusty or unique, the better.


A true artist, Winnie does her work for pure enjoyment of the craft and is happy to share her vision with others through greeting cards and as framed art.  It is her hope that you will find pleasure in viewing her collection of photographs, and will be inspired to take a fresh look at the natural wonders around you.

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