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Gale Schnurman

Gale is an artist who lives and works in Eureka California.  Specializing in quilling, she draws on wildlife, landscapes, and portraits to create her dimensional art and jewelry.  Her passion being rooted in wildlife, she draws much of her inspiration from the beauty of Humboldt County.  Since developing her artistic vision, Gale’s art works have become a fixture at several businesses and galleries in the Eureka area.


Quilling is a technique where the folding and manipulation of strips of paper is used to create decorative designs.  Each strip of paper is cut, shaped, and carefully placed to create beautiful works of art.  A single quilled artwork can contain hundreds of individual strips of paper.  The art was first practiced by nuns in the 15th century to adorn religious objects, it was then taken up by ladies of leisure as a creative pastime.  Quilling has made a 21st century comeback, and Gale is thrilled to have stumbled upon the artform.

gale schnurman (1).jpg
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