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Sanford Pyron

I have been an artist since I was 5 years old, I have always loved design work, in areas such as hairdressing where I see hair as a fiber art, it is like sculpting hair to design for the face, the lifestyle, and the desire of the person. My other artistic passion is oil painting, watercolors, and pencil sketching. I like different subjects such as landscapes, city scapes and portraiture.

I went to both McKinleyville and Eureka High Schools where I liked art more than all my other classes. I couldn’t get enough of creating art and even now I look at the world with my artistic eye for both Art and Hairdressing with barely enough time to sleep. I reside in a Victorian home, it too has been an ongoing art project for 32 years located in the historical Clark District on the west side of Eureka where I have combined Home, Salon and Art studio all into one space. My motto for my life is from a quote by Richard Simmons: “Honey if you don’t like to have fun you best not come in here”. 


I sell my art in the studio and on Etsy, find my store at:

Sanford Pyron Samples (2).jpg
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